Member Application

To download the application form click onHub Membership Form 24/25

Benefits of Hub membership:

o We are neighbours, doing activities together, enjoying each other’s company and giving and receiving help when we need it.

o We are strengthening our community by being active contributors to the wellbeing of ourselves and of the community.

o We are stimulated by learning new skills, including through participating in building the Hub

o We are saving money when getting useful services (eg trades people, transport)

o We have the convenience of easy access to help; local services and activities at our doorstep

o We are Pioneers – creating Australia’s first Hub and helping to build a replicable model

How much will annual membership cost?
We have set a relatively low fee ($40 p.a.) to make membership affordable, with an especially low membership rate ($10p.a.) for Commonwealth full pension recipients and for members who have joined to help but will not participate in Hub events.  We will have some fundraising activities each year and seek sponsorship for special projects. We will continue to seek government funding for the paid manager.

How to join?
Download the membership form from the Hub website or pick up a membership form from Chester’s Pharmacy at Waverton.

Hub contact information
Website    Email

Mail address: 75 Bay Rd Waverton NSW  2060